Normal Chaos and Emotional High

Well, it haaaas been a long while hasn’t it?  I thought I’d take this brief break between crazy hectic weeks here to finish talking about my trip to Korea.  That was already 3 months ago, but oh well.


So, after that super busy day, we spent about half the rest of the week getting sick (Paige was sick, not me, but I didn’t want to go out without her) and staying in the hostel to play a new game we found, but honestly, that wasn’t so bad.  The lady who ran our hostel was super nice and we ate lunch with her, the staff, and a few of the other people staying at the hostel a couple of times (deliiiicious authentic Korean food; spicy as hell, but sooo worth it….also snails.  That was weird) as well as playing Jenga to decide who had to do the dishes.

Lazy Fox

Bibimbap with our Hostesses


Near the end of the week, Paige and I decided to go out to a street market.  We actually found one that was different from the one we were searching for, but it was awesome anyway. xp

Street Market Us

The market stretched for a good 10-15 minute walk in every direction and there were so many cheap things there.  If I lived in Korea, I know where I’d go for my shopping. xD  I picked up some earrings for $2 a pair and a lovely scarf for about $4 (didn’t want to get anything big since I still needed to fit everything in my backpack to take carry-on back to Japan xp)  We found some deliiicious street food, too. There were so many options (also, apparently grilled cheese is a thing?  Not like the sandwich grilled cheese, but like cheese cubes on a stick thrown on the grill. O.o  The lines for those were always long, so we didn’t try it, but I was like (whaaaat?”), but we chose a couple that looked especially good.

Street MeStreet Paige

Mine was a really famous spicy rice cake thing called tteokbokki (super tasty, but it buuuurns) and Paige’s was some spicy meat on a stick.  Mine was way spicier than Paige’s, so I tried hers, told her that hers was spicier and tricked her into eating mine. xD  Friendship at its finest.

Aaaand then we went back to the hostel.  That night, there were a lot of guests hanging out in the common room, so we all got to talking….and the cards came out.  A couple of Americans taught us how to play “Presidents” (it’s basically “Deuces” but with meaner rules), but then a guy from Saudi Arabia taught us how to play “Shithead” instead.  Needless to say that was a crowd favorite. xD  About eight of us played and it was awesome…sometime after 3am and however many dozen games, we decided it was probably time to stop. Didn’t help that some people turned it into a drinking game.  I didn’t drink (because I prefer not drinking cat piss for the hell of it), but it was a ton of fun anyway.



The next day, Paige and I went to the aquarium…she taught me things about shark anatomy that I did NOT need to know, and I found this little gem:


Not exactly the relaxed tone this artist was going for.

Paige actually got really annoyed at me about this because this was on a pillar where the picture changed every 30 seconds or so in a cycle, but I missed it the first and second (I didn’t realize that my camera wasn’t on…whoops xD) time it came around and insisted we wait so that I could get a picture the third time.  Woooorth it ^_^

On our way out, we saw a theater, so we decided to go see Deadpool (it hadn’t come out in Japan yet).  I hadn’t tried to buy a ticket in Korea before either, so we were a little nervous, but the lady at the counter spoke pretty good English, so all was good.


After Paige got (mostly) better, we went out to see Changdeokgung Palace, one of the biggest and most famous palaces in Seoul.  The architecture was amazing and colorful and beautiful (despite the dead trees because it was winter xp).  It was almost closing time, too, so the place was mostly deserted.  There’s nothing quite like wandering alone in a historical monument to make you feel the history.



Changdeokgung Main Walk

The next day, I saw Paige off and she went back to America.  It was short, but I know we’ll do it again.  Love you, Paige! ❤


3 thoughts on “Normal Chaos and Emotional High

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rebeccah!! Hope you’ve had a good one. Really enjoyed your email and all the pictures while you and Paige were in South Korea. Are you about finished with classes? Where to next?
    Love you,
    Grandma and Grandpa 🙂


    1. Thanks, guys! Dad forgot how old I am. xD I’m glad you enjoyed them. I’m done with classes in about two weeks, but I’m suuuuper busy with my jobs and finals and preparing visas for my next adventure! I’m going to China after the semester is over with a friend I met here and I’ll be travelling for about six weeks in China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (if I can get the visa sorted out xp). I’ll be home in September. Hope to see you guys at Christmas! ❤


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