Is the Pen Mightier Than the Sword? I Don’t Know, But There be Ninjas…

Look, don’t ask about the title, I’m in a weird place today. xD

After that looooong post, I figured I should write just a real short one.  This is just so I can put up a few pictures from school.  I recently finished my Kendo class (it only lasted for half the semester) so we all took pictures together with our swords.  It was silly, but fun.  And the instructor was awesome and hilarious; he would always put English in his sentences (he taught us almost entirely in Japanese), but he would use it in the funniest way.  In Japanese, the way you make almost anything a verb is to add “suru” to it.  (It’s like adding “-ed” to anything in English; just read this:  So he would say “hit suru” or “swing suru” to make those words verbs in Japanese even though they are already verbs in English xp.




Also, on a random side-note.  In Kendo, when you strike at someone’s head, you shout “MEN!!!” (which means something totally different in Japanese, but we would giggle when the teacher would say in very deliberate English: “I am now going to teach you how to strike a men.”) Luke (the guy next to me in the picture) and Austin (the guy with white hair) liked teasing the other guy in the class when they were sparring with him by saying “I like!” when he was about to strike. xD  The look on his face when he realized what had just happened was priceless.

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