I’ve Always Had a Hard Time Getting Up When it’s Dark Outside…

So, funny way to start this story: on the day in question, everybody told me that I would be going fishing with Takumi-kun and Kaori-neesan.  So, I was told that I needed to wake up at 5:30 so I could eat breakfast, get dressed and be ready to go by 6:15.  So, I set an alarm and woke up at 5:30, but everyone seemed surprised when I came downstairs at about 5:40…(I had wondered why okaasan hadn’t come to check if I was awake…)  Apparently, the weather was too bad, so they weren’t going.  Instead, they decided to go to the aquarium in Sasebo(don’t ask me why…).


So Kaori-neesan, Takumi-kun, Kaori-neesan’s friend (I thought he was Takumi-kun’s dad at first, but apparently not) and I all got in the car and went to Sasebo. The friend (I actually forgot his name, whoops…) would sometimes talk to me, but he seemed to get frustrated that I couldn’t understand, so he would say things to Kaori-neesan who would simplify it for me. (About half the time, I understood him fine anyway, but oh well…) We actually arrived before the aquarium opened, so we just hung around there for about twenty minutes, then we went in.  It felt very much like any aquarium in America, except, of course, for the fact that almost none of the exhibits had any English written on them.


Now, normally, this would have just been another aquarium and I had just been to the penguin one, so I wasn’t particularly interested, but Takumi-kun is actually studying to be a marine biologist (researcher? I’m not sure what it translates to…).  He’s still in high school, but his high school specializes in marine research.  He does a lot of diving off the coast for schoolwork and they raise fish at his school, too.  So, Takumi-kun knew a lot about all the things we were looking at and sometimes he would describe what was special about the fish to me (he’s usually fairly quiet around me, probably because he’s not sure how much of what he says I can understand…but anyway, he was actually pretty talkative on this day).


(This is a picture of Takumi-kun, but you can’t really see him at all;  I just told Okaasan that I’d found the ghost of the aquarium xp)




We fed some of the fish, got to touch some starfish and sea slugs and stuff in a big tank, and then we went out to watch the dolphin show they were having.  We actually stood on the roof of the building to watch the show because the lower floors were too crowded, but Nagasaki people are weak to the cold, so I stood on the windiest side because everyone got cold up there but me. =p



After the show, we went back inside and they had a booth where you can extract your own pearls from oysters (they give you a knife and stuff to do it).  Takumi-kun and I went and did it together and because both of the pearls we got were about the same size and color, he said that I should have his and I could make earrings or something out of them for myself.  (He’s usually really shy, but he can be super sweet sometimes).


After that we went and grabbed some lunch and headed home.  They dropped me off to meet Gen down by Dejima and that was the end of our little adventure.  It was very low-key, but I still had fun and got to know more of my host family a little better. =)

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