They Never Tell You the Whole Truth…

So, today I met up with some friends to go to karaoke. After the school festival (yes, I know I haven’t talked about that yet, so this is out of order, but I just HAD to share this story while it’s fresh in my mind xp), I went home to change and eat dinner, then I headed out to meet everyone at Hamanomachi (a large mall in downtown Nagasaki). There were seven of us this time: me, Gen, Max, Luke, Cat, Nathaniel, and Shinji (he’s a Japanese student, but he spent time studying in Canada, so his English is REALLY good). Anyway, we all met up and started heading towards the karaoke place (as usual, Luke was trying his best to irk Max with bad British accents, mixing up British cultural references and complimenting the French xD). We sang for a while and it was tons of fun, but I had to leave early to meet my curfew.

As I was leaving the karaoke place, I saw a streetcar pulled up at the station, but I couldn’t see which line it was, so I poked my head in to ask the driver. I asked him “Which color line is this?” He said, “white” so I stepped on, but then he said “Where are you headed?” I said “Ohashi” and he waved his hand like he was saying no, so I backed out of the car, but then he looked confused and beckoned me in. O.o

I sat on the bench right behind the driver, but when I looked up at the people across from me, I saw Neesan sitting there next to a man in a suit. She waved at me and he patted the seat next to his, so I moved there. Apparently, Neesan had heard me talking to the driver, but she couldn’t see me, so she was trying to crane her head to get a good angle to see me and when he asked her what she was doing she said she thought she’d heard her family’s homestay student and he was like “What, where, who?” So when I sat down, he beckoned me over. This lovely gentleman’s name was Ichinose Makoto. He is Neesan’s coworker. We introduced ourselves and then he complimented my Japanese and we had a short talk about Japanese and English (he kept inserting English into his sentences, so I asked if he could speak English and he said it was too hard, so no). Then he started saying “Well, I’m from the Philippines; I came here, by myself, in a row boat.” O.o

I asked him to confirm his name for me since I wasn’t sure if I’d remembered it correctly and he said (in English) “Just call me MAC!” very enthusiastically (needless to say, I was confused but laughing at the same time). When I didn’t respond because I was laughing too hard, he elaborated that his first name was Makoto, so Mac should be his nickname in English (I said I would call him Mac-san, Neesan said I should call him Mac-chan, to which he immediately protested). As we approached his stop he said, “Well, I need to return home now, to the Philippines. I’ll swim there from here; hopefully I’ll get there by morning.”
(Neesan was laughing throughout this whole conversation, so I guessed it was probably a joke from the start. He said everything with such a serious face though that I couldn’t be sure :p)

Anyway, when we got home, Neesan told Okaasan about this whole conversation and then said that he’s the same at work. If they get a person who comes into the office (Neesan works in real estate) from Korea or China, he’ll say something like, “Oh yes, I’m Korean, too. These Japanese people are real weird aren’t they?” Once, after he did that, Neesan asked him if he’d ever been to Korea; he said “Nope.” xD

He may be one of the funniest people I’ve met in a long time. It’s rare to find someone who can make such outrageous jokes with such a straight face.

(Just to keep things in order, this happened today, October 31st.  I’ll get back to the stuff that happened a couple of weeks ago in my next post =p)

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