Cats! I’m Being Nibbled to Death by Cats.

Just a quick post about something rather odd that I’ve noticed about Nagasaki.  There are cats.  Everywhere.

Not just on advertisements and in commercials and stuff (though there are certainly a bazillion cat mascots for literally everything in Japan).  There are just cats all over the streets, in the parks, in the temples, sleeping in doorways, hanging out on the balcony outside my house; there are even two that just chill on the grounds of my school.



It’s exceptionally rare for me not to see at least cat on my way to or from school and usually I see many more.  One of my favorite hang out spots here is the Peace Park (free internet for the win!), but if I’m there past sundown when all the tourists start heading home, the cats start coming out.  There are about a dozen or so that just live in the park and I see them all the time.  If I go to the park with Gen, he often brings cat treats to coax them over and then we can pet them.  The “feral” cats here that wander all over are usually quite nice actually.  They’re a bit skittish, but once you calm them down, they’re usually fine with being touched.  I think most of them used to be house cats, but many of them are probably just really used to people because people feed them.

The ones at my school are super cute and I try to find them everyday to say hi.  We nicknamed them Konyanko and Jaian-sensei.  Konyanko loves being pet and just starts purring incessantly if you pick her up.  Jaian-sensei is nice, too…most of the time.  If you try to pet her when she’s trying to sleep, she tries to bite you.  Understandable.  ^.^

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